Here’s Why You Should Consider Scuba Diving at Night

Fernando Arteaga diving

Fernando Arteaga’s career as an award-winning architect and design manager dates back to 1992. Today, he brings his years of experience to his role as principal of HKS in Miami. His work in Miami focuses on designing luxury resort properties worldwide. In his free time, Fernando Arteaga focuses on hobbies and interests such as scuba diving, which he enjoys during the day and at night.

Although it can be intimidating to divers of all ability levels, diving at night offers a completely new experience to those who overcome their initial trepidation. For one thing, many marine animals are more active at night, giving night divers the opportunity to see creatures they would rarely see during the day. This includes squid and octopus, rays, and many shark species.

In addition to the animal life, a night dive offers the chance to see coral and other underwater objects in an entirely different way. Under the beam of a diving light, the colors on and around coral reefs appear more vibrant. Also, coral polyps open at night to feed, presenting divers with a colorful display that isn’t seen during the day.

Other benefits of diving at night include the phosphorescence show of bioluminescent plankton. Night diving can also have a calming effect, and it gives divers the opportunity to focus more closely on the objects directly in front of them. Finally, other than a diving light, no special equipment is needed. Of course, proper planning is essential, and one’s first night dive should be done under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

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