An Overview of Polo for Beginners

Fernando Arteaga - Miami

A career architect and resident of Miami, Florida, Fernando Arteaga is the principal at HKS, a luxury architecture and design firm. When he is not working, Fernando Arteaga of Miami, Florida enjoys several hobbies, such as playing polo. He has won competitions in the sport.

Polo is a game that is played on a field that measures 10 acres and roughly the size of 10 regulation-size football fields. Goalposts are at each end of the playing surface with eight yards between them. Teams can have four players on the field at a time. The players ride horses and try to score on their opponent’s goal using a ball and mallet.

Each match typically lasts an hour and a half and is split up into periods or chukkers that last seven minutes. There are three minutes between each chukker as well as 15-minute halftime. Every time a team scores a goal they change direction on the field. As safety is the main concern, there is plenty of protection for both players and horses, and the horses normally only play two chukkers per match, which equals 14 minutes of play.

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