A Primer on the Game of Polo

Fernando Arteaga: Miami

A resident of Miami, Fernando Arteaga holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Ibero-American University. Fernando Arteaga recently served as the principal of HKS, a company that provides architectural and interior design services for luxury and five-star resorts. Away from work, Mr. Arteaga enjoys playing polo.

A team sport played on horseback, polo games are held outdoors on a 300 by 160-yard grass field or indoors in an arena measuring 300 by 150-feet. Two teams compete against one another as players try to drive a ball into the opposite team’s goal using a bamboo mallet. Each team has three players in games that are held indoors, whereas each team has four players in games that are held outdoors.

Polo games consist of from four to six play periods, which are referred to as chukkers. The winning team is the one who achieves the highest score at the end of the game, and a game can go into overtime if the teams are tied after all chukkers have been played. Polo games are officiated by two umpires, each on horseback, and a referee who is positioned on the sidelines.

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