Three of Florida’s Most Popular Dive Sites

Fernando Arteaga photo

Based in Miami, Fernando Arteaga is an experienced architect and design professional with expertise in project management. Fernando Arteaga has worked on diverse design projects in America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, primarily focused on the hospitality and resort industry. Mr. Arteaga enjoys a range of personal interests, including diving.

Florida offers numerous sites where one can scuba dive. Three of the most interesting places to dive in Florida are described here.

Devil’s Den
Located in Williston, Devil’s Den is a 54-foot deep and 120-foot wide privately-operated spring open to divers and snorkelers. Diving and snorkeling equipment can be rented on-site and campsite and cabin style accommodations are also available to guests who want to stay overnight.

Jose Cuervo Artificial Reef
Located approximately 150 yards offshore of South Beach, Jose Cuervo Artificial Reef is a concrete bar that was purposely sunk by the Department of Environmental Resources of Miami-Dade County. Since its sinking two decades ago, the bar has become home to numerous marine species including tropical fish and the spiny lobster.

Half Moon Shipwreck
A German sailing yacht that sunk in shallow waters between Virginia Key and Key Biscayne in 1930, the Half Moon shipwreck is now an archeological site visited by snorkelers and divers. The wreck offers easy access to visitors, since it lies in only ten feet of (usually) calm water.

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